As the mother of six, I understand the importance of setting a good example. Which is why I have chosen to write fiction that will encourage, inspire and entertain readers. I never want to apologize to any of my children, or God, for anything I have written. You can be assured that my stories are all Family Friendly Fiction.

My mother, and now my husband and children would all agree, that I am the type of person who never met a stranger. I love talking with people. I've had to tame my socialite side because of good-natured jabbing from my husband. When I would check out at a store, my husband would start asking me all about the person because he knew I could walk away from someone and tell you their whole life story. That's when you know you 'may have a problem'.

I am a hopeless romantic at heart and love to hear about how people met. It often sparks ideas for stories. In Falling in Love, the first book in Seasons of the Heart novella series, the closing scenes were inspired from a date my husband took me on years ago. I would love to go back to a dinner theatre. It was so much fun the first time we went, we went back with a group of friends and had an even better time, laughing and cutting-up with them.

I love some of the things you see that say, "Careful, you may end up in my next book!" Very, true! So, be careful, it could be you! **insert evil laugh**

I have the hardest time picking out names. Sometimes I use names of friends or family. Other times I go to baby naming sites or even a name genie site. On occasion, I have even gone to the phone book for name ideas.

I love to add a bit of humor to my stories. No matter what is happening in life, someone is still having a good day or a good attitude, so humor may come from secondary characters.

At this point, I would have to say Deadly Business, book 1 in Maid for Murder trilogy, would have to be my favorite book. Mainly because of the humor. I set out to write about a zany character, one that would make the reader laugh or smile a lot!!! I believe it will be one of the funniest humorous mysteries you will read!

I hope that you will come back often and check out what books are available. Please take a moment to leave a comment about any of my stories you have read. I love to hear from readers. Not to mention, it helps to have encouragement, knowing other people are enjoying the stories you have poured your heart and soul into.

Thank you for stopping by to visit. I look forward to hearing from you!